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I am looking for videos, podcasts, and other resources that are relevant to teaching introductory biology and related subjects, particularly material that has some URL stability. If you know for example of shorter videos – approximately ≤ 3 min – that are to die for pedagogically (or longer but truly outstanding videos), then please let me know!

Awesome YouTube biology channels:

The following are "Radio" (i.e., podcasts), "Web Link", "Quote Source", and, especially, "Video" links:

A-B toxin, ExotoxinVideo (Brief introduction to A-B toxins, though sound fades out towards the end)

Adhesion, CohesionVideo (Check out the pooling of water on his )

AlleleVideo (Discussion of the genetic relationships between alleles in diploid organisms and how to represent them as symbols)

Altruism, Inclusive fitnessVideo (This video is not quite as good as it could be but is worth watching nevertheless)

Amino acidRadio (Abiotic synthesis – abiogenesis – of one of the key building blocks of life)

AmniotesVideo (Short but fairly comprehensive video)

Amniotic eggVideo (OK, it's an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle laying eggs, but is beautiful)

Amoebas, PseudopodiaVideo (Short, in color video of real pseudopodia in action!)

Animal cell, Eukaryotic cellVideo (This video is a bit overwhelming, though mostly accurate; beware however inappropriate use of "cell wall" in places when "cell membrane would be more appropriate as well as the story of the origin of mitochondria, which happened well before there were any animals on !)

Animal developmentVideo (Nice introduction but, alas, it gets its definition of gastrula wrong)

AntibioticVideo (A very basic introduction)

AntibioticRadio (Origin of the word, and some history)

Antiobiotic resitance — Video (From about 1:10 to 2:30 is great fun, particularly given that The Dave Brubeck Quartet's "Take Five" is playing in the background [listen])

Antibiotic resistance, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Superbug — Radio (A really bad pathogen with resistance to everything antibiotic)

Antisense technology, Transcription, Superoxide dismutase — Video (Proposed treatment of muscular dystrophy by blocking production of SOD1 protein; not very detailed description or depiction of antisense technology but pretty pictures nonetheless)

Apoptosis, Signal transduction pathway, — Video (Nice video of the controlled destruction of a cell, with lots of proteins and enzymes "flying" around)

Apoptosis, Antagonistic pleiotropy, Senescence, Telomeres — Video (This is a wide ranging but nevertheless somewhat fascinating conversation)

Aquatic biomes, Marine biomes — Video (This is a bit long, and limited to , but nonetheless absolutely beautiful)

Artificial selectionVideo (Meet the Belgium Blue, cattle bred for "double muscling")

Artificial selectionVideo (Dogs and their evolution; a bit melodramatic at times, but generally good entertainment)

Associative learningVideo (, who is this kid?!?!? This video is just amazing!!!)

Astrobiology — Radio (What could be out there? Well, microbes for one!)

ATP synthase, EnzymeVideo (Visual schematic of functioning of a key enzyme in catabolic processes)

Australopiths, Genus Australopithicus, BipedalismVideo (Attempts at animating Australopithicus with some discussion of evidence for its bipedalism)

Australopiths, Genus Australopithicus, Australopithicus afarensisVideo (Comparing the skull of Australopithicus afarensis to that of Homo sapiens)

Australopiths, Genus AustralopithicusVideo (A song, very nicely done, though keep in mind that the robust species are now assigned to genus )

Genus Homo, Genetic diversityRadio (Consideration of a small population of members of genus Homo as found in , )

Autonomic nervous system — Video (A little redundant but makes its points well)

BacteriaVideo (Upbeat introduction to bacteria; watch out, though, with the definition of endotoxin)

Baleen whales, Filter feederVideo ( feeding in the )

Base pairingVideo (Literally a sketchy presentation but makes all the right points)

Base pairingVideo ( explains base pairing)

Behavioral ecologyVideo (One of the best/funniest of this series, )

Biocontrol, Wolbachia, Arthropod vectors — Radio (Using Wolbachia, a type of bacteria, to control mosquitoes)

BiofilmVideo (Illustration of biofilm formation)

BiofilmVideo (Biofilm formation and persistence in hospital water supplies)

BiofilmVideo (Removal of biofilms from infected, open wounds; not for the excessively queasy!)

Biofilm, Mycobacterium, Mycobacterium aviumRadio (Biofilms in shower heads)

BiomeVideo (Straightforward introduction to the subject and as contrasting with the concept of communities)

BiotechnologyVideo (The video presents things at a fairly low level, emphasizing )

BiotechnologyWeb Link (Compact, historical introduction to what biotechology, in a broad sense, is all about)

BipedalismVideo (striking images of upright walking in non-hominin , though with frustratingly low resolution)

BipedalismVideo (one hypothesis for why bipedalism may have evolved in our lineage as well as a nice graphic in the beginning illustrating ancestral bipalism)

Black death, Black death (etiology), Plague, Plague (etiology)Video (Part I from the )

Black death, Black death (etiology), Plague, Plague (etiology)Video (Part II from the )

Blood pressure — Video (Determining blood pressure including as in an emergency)

Blood pressure — Video (Quick overview with consideration of hypertension)

Blood pressure — Video (Consequences of hypertension, with mention of Al Capone)

Blood types, Blood type genetics, Multiple alleles, AlleleVideo (Basic discussion of what are all about, their underlying alleles, and the genetics of )

Botulism, Botulism (etiology), Botulinum toxin, Clostridium botulinumVideo (Brief and quite well done overview especially of botulism)

Clostridium botulinum, Botulinum toxin, Botulism — Web Link (Announcement of the sequencing of its genome)

Brain self stimulation — Video (Oh to be a rat, click, click, click… ;->)

Breastfeeding, TeatVideo (Except for the "Sample use only" across the screen, this is a nice overview from hormones to feeding positions)

Calvin cycle, Dark reaction (of photosynthesis)Video (Humorous overview of how ATP and NADPH, and water and carbon dioxide, are turned into sugar, with music!)

Cancer — Radio (Origin of the word, and some history)

Carbon, Chemistry, Chemical bondVideo (This is the first in a video series and not quite as good as later ones, though still a good introduction)

Carbon cycle, Water cycleVideo (In addition to walking through the two cycles, also provides a nice overview of the dangers of )

Cardiac cycle, Systole, Diastole — Video (This cartoon animation is nice particularly for its simplicity)

CellRadio (Origin of the word, and some history)

CellRadio (Starts out a little slow but really does a good job of giving a sense of what cells are all about as well as where they came from, particularly eukaryotic cells)

Cell biology, Eukaryotic cellVideo (Amazing graphics of the inner workings of eukaryotic cells)

Cellular differentiation, Cell cycle — Video (Follows the formation of intestinal epithelial cells)

Cellular respiration, ATP bookkeeping — Video (Nice overview thought note that reference to "anaerobic respiration" is incorrect and further that NAD+ and FAD are "coenzymes" rather than "enzymes")

ChemistryRadio (Origin of the word, and some history)

Chemolithotrophs — Radio (Bacteria living off of iron in Blood Falls, Antarctica)

CholesterolVideo (Spends a good amount of time on LDLs and HDLs, but a good introduction; they kind of equate saturated fats and cholesterol towards the end, though, which is an over simplification)

CholesterolVideo (Consequences of excess cholesterol, though note that lipoproteins are not cells!)

Ciliate — Video (Gorgeous movies of an individual protozoal cell doing its thing)

Class Aves, BirdsVideo (Nice introduction to birds, their evolution, and their functioning)

Chordates, Phylum Chordata, LanceletsVibrio (Pretty much covers it all, with at least early emphasis on the lancelets)

Climate, Climate change — Video (Short introduction to the idea of climate, versus , and also to )

Climate change — Video (Moving into newly formed ponds as Alaska's permafrost melts)

Clonal expansionVideo (This is a soundless illustration of clonal expansion within the context of immunology)

CloneRadio (Origin of the word, and some history)

Clostridium difficileVideo (Discussion of C. difficile, its prevalence, pathology, transmission, and treatment)

Clostridium difficile, normal flora, normal microbiotaVideo (Interview, fecal transplants versus C. difficile)

Coagulase test, CoagulaseVideo (Despite the background noise, a nice, to-the-point description of a slide-based coagulase test)

Coagulase test, CoagulaseVideo (This video is a much more detailed description of the coagulase test, but also longer)

CoelomVideo (In this brief video, note the difference in coelom formation between protostomes and deusterostomes)

Colony, LegionellaVideo (First 30 or so seconds shows time-lapsed growth of colony; also shows other aspects of microscopy of Legionella including fluorescence microscopy)

Interspecific competition, Community ecologyVideo (nice, straightforward as well as entertaining introduction to the subject)

Complement system, Classical pathway — Video (Complement's classical pathway in "all" of its glory – in simple cartoon form – from antibody binding trough membrane attack complex formation)

Complement system, Classical pathway — Video (Nice illustration, without sound, of complement's classical pathway, stopping prior to "late" stages)

ConodontsVideo (Digital reconstruction of proposed conodont prey-capture and feeding mechanisms)

Conservation biology, Restoration ecologyVideo (Yet another nice overview of a subject ☺)

Convergent evolution, Evolution, CrocodilesVideo (Crocodile with teeth that are differentiated like those of mammals)

Counter current multiplier — Video (Shows how medullary hyperosmolarity is built up, but with no sound)

CrocodilesVideo (Brief video providing a visualization of what crocodiles are)

Cross-bridge cycling — Video (Brief but well done description of actin-myocin interaction)

Crossing over — Video (Cartoon illustration of homologous recombination as it occurs during meiosis, a.k.a., crossing over)

Cryptic coloration, Class cephalopoda — Video ("Where's the octopus?"; fascinating discussion of camouflage in cephalopods)

Cryptic coloration, Class cephalopoda — Video (Cuttlefish playing with our minds, well, visually at least)

Cuttlefish, CephalopodsVideo (This video is about cuttlefish but mostly it is humorous.)

DetrivoresVideo (not the greatest sound, but makes its points well)

Deep sea hydrothermal vents — Video (Brief overview of the discovery of hydrothermal vents and some sense of what they look like)

DevelopmentVideo (Why have !)

DiapsidsVideo (simple introduction to what it means to have two )

Digestive system — Video (This is one of more inspired efforts ☺)

Digestive system — Video (Crude but short and informative overview; narrator sounds a bit like HAL)

Dilution — Video (Diluting, the way a chemist dilutes!)

DNAVideo (A simple, not very chemical introduction to what DNA is all about, though beware the with the shapes of proteins)

DNA, DNA replication — Video (A lot said, very quickly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but alas the jokes really are…)

DNA damage, Radiation damage — Video (Very short, very basic introduction to DNA damage caused by )

DNA replication, Replication forkVideo (Computer animation of leading and lagging strand synthesis)

DNA replication, Replication forkVideo (Replication complex, what's "really" going on; cartoon animation)

DNA replication — Video (A very silly song, but nonetheless fun)

Dopamine — Video (Amazing though brief discussion of dopamine)

Dopamine — Video (Why we like , or just about anything else)

Droplet transmission — Video (A cough, visualized; a robot cougher)

Ecological successionVideo (as always quite good, except that lycophytes don't have seeds! ☺)

Ecosystem, Energy flow, Nutrient cycling — Video (Very basic introduction to nutrient cycling and energy flow)

Ecosystem ecologyVideo (nice, straightforward as well as entertaining introduction to the subject)

Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) — Video (Basics of heart electrical activity)

Electroencephalogram — Video (EEG as it is being taken; not worth watching the whole thing)

Electroencephalogram — Video (Interesting discussion of techniques, though unless you are specifically interested in what is being presented, not necessarily worth watching through the whole thing)

Electron, Photon — Video (Covers electron atomic orbitals, absorption spectra, and emission spectra)

Electron transport chain, Electron transport system, Oxidative phosphorylationVideo (Converting energy associated with electrons found in electron carrier molecules into ATP)

Embryonic development — Video (Quick introduction to early embryonic development)

Embryonic development — Video (Photographic representations of human embryonic development, as art!)

Embryonic stem cells, cellular differentiation, pluripotence, tissue cultureVideo (Introduction to embryonic stem cells and their culturing)

Enantiomer, Chirality — Video (Brief introduction to the concept with OK though not greatly revealing graphics)

Enantiomer, Chirality — Video (Longer, better graphics, more information, but not necessarily better overall than the previous video; still, worth watching!)

Endocrine glands, Exocrine glands — Video (Provides an effective comparison between the two gland types)

Endocrine system, HormonesVideo (Well done if overwhelming introduction, and enjoy seeing get hit in the head with a )

Endocrine system, HormonesVideo (Nicely done introduction)

Endocytosis, Exocytosis — Video (Very brief, somewhat low resolution, cartoon animation)

Endospore, SporulationVideo (Nice run through of how a vegetative bacterium turns into an endospore)

Endosymbiont, History of life — Video (great video on the origin and to some degree the diversity of cellular life, with great visuals; though a bit old, © 1981, it is surprisingly accurate and takes a refreshingly phenotypic rather than genotypic perspective)

EnergyVideo (This just so wonderful ☺)

Energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energyVideo (Potential vs. kinetic energy song)

Energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energyVideo (Kinetic vs. potential energy; great story!)

EnzymeVideo (Short introduction to enzyme basics)

EpidemiologyVideo (There's really not much to say about this video, except watch it, just not while you are eating…)

Epithelial tissueVideo (This video is pretty heavy duty)

Eusociality, Altruism, Group selection, — Radio and Video (E. O. Wilson interview, re: The Social Conquest of Earth, as well as video tour of his lab/office)

Evapotranspiration, Water cycleVideo (lovely song ☺)

Evo-devo, Animal developmentVideo (This is one of best)

EvolutionVideo (A nice, no introduction to the idea)

EvolutionVideo (Simple, straightforward introduction to the very basics of the subject/concept)

EvolutionRadio (Origin of the word, and some history; so cool!)

Evolution, MicroevolutionVideo (Introductory lecture covering the rise of these ideas)

EvolutionVideo (Evolution of whales)

Evolution, Common descent, Common ancestorVideo (Powerful video that does a good job of laying out the various cards underlying especially the concept of common descent)

Evolution, Kingdom AnimaliaVideo (The story of the Universe, starting with Big Bang and ending, quite literally, with us; the video more or less gets things right)

EvolutionVideo (Evolution of the horse)

Evolution, Adaptation, Natural selection,Eye — Video (Evolution of the by means of surprisingly fast natural selection)

EvolutionVideo 1/2 & Video 2/2 (Bill Nye the Science Guy does evolution; what can I say…)

EvolutionVideo (Evolution of Homer)

Evolutionary anachronism, Fruit, Adaptation — Video (Discussion of plants with big seeds, though note that a ginkgo is not a flowering plant so therefore technically does not bear fruit)

Excretory system — Video (Nice explanation of what is all about)

Exponents — Video (Working with exponents – gasp! – described in song)

Eukaryotic cell, Cell biologyVideo (Silly song that starts a bit dry but improves!)

ExotoxinVideo (Provides short discussion of differences between exotoxins and endotoxins though the narrator misspeaks in calling endotoxin protein)

FermentationVideo (Fermenting vegetables such as sauerkraut)

FermentationVideo (Naem, fermented Thai pork sausage)

FermentationVideo (Making hot sauce, with great emaphasis particularly on the fermentation steps)

FermentationVideo (Half sour pickles, this is just great ☺)

FermentationVideo (Making Swiss emmental, a.k.a., Swiss cheese, though note that the eyes, or holes, tend to be lacking when "properly" made)

FermentationVideo (Making kimchi)

FermentationVideo (Making yogurt)

Fermentation, Alcohol fermentationRadio (Beer is Proof God Loves Us; OK, OK, doesn't really discuss the fermentation process itself all that much, but…)

Filter feeder, Suspension feederVideo (Excellent introduction)

FishapodVideo (Nicely poetic description of between lobe-finned fish and tetrapods)

Fixed-action patternVideo (Egg-rolling behavior by a ))

Fixed-action patternVideo (Inappropriate chick "rolling" behavior as taken by former student, Steffani Jijon)

Fixed-action patternRadio (Habits are essentially learned fixed action patterns)

Flagella (eukaryotic), CiliaVideo (Videos of protists swimming and/or eating about)

Flocking Video (in starlings)

Frequency of recombination, Gene mapping — Video (Nice discussion of how genes are mapped including from an historical perspective)

Fluid mosaic modelVideo (Good introduction including to lipid bilayers and transport proteins)

Fungi, Kingdom Fungi, — Radio (All things fungi! ☺)

Fungi, Kingdom Fungi, Fleshy fungi, Macro fungi — Video (, gorgeous images, and wonderful of )

FungiVideo (OK, a little(?) over the top, but it grows on you… pardon)

Game theoryVideo (Nice video for getting a sense of what game theory can be all about)

Gametic isolationVideo (Fun, though difficult to make out some of the words, and does get its biology more or less right)

GeneVideo (Simple, straightforward, and reasonably well done introduction to the concept)

GeneVideo (Describes processes for origin of new genes, though surprisingly ignores horizontal gene transfer and also muddies presentation by dragging an anti-creationism stance into the arguments; note that from 5:35 to 5:46 an image of phage plaques is presented which turns out to be from a 2008 publication of mine ☺)

Gene expression, Protein structure — Video (At least initially as seen in eukaryotic cells)

Genetic driftVideo (A bit funky, but makes the right points and does so without glaring errors)

Genetic driftVideo (Drift, of a line! Clearly some silliness in there but makes its point nonetheless; kind of like playing telephone, but visual)

Genetic engineering, Recombinant DNA technologyVideo (Brief introduction to how to clone a gene)

Genetic variation, MutationVideo (Brief as well as basic discussion of the diversity of origins of genetic variation in individuals)

Genetic variation, MutationVideo (Somewhat in-depth discussion of genetic variation in individuals as well as its prevalence in populations)

Genetic variation, AlleleVideo (Nice overview of the importance of genetic variation as considered in terms of )

Genetics, DNAVideo (Discussion of basic concepts of heredity)

GeneticsVideo (Somewhat inclusive consideration of just what genetics entails)

GenomeRadio (History of the word)

Glucose, Active transport, Secondary active transport, cotransportVideo (Glucose uptake in ourselves)

GlycolysisVideo (Detailed, step-by-step walk through the anaerobic, ATP-producing catabolic pathway that begins such as with glucose and ends with pyruvate)

Golgi apparatusVideo (Discussion of protein sorting within eukaryotic cells)

Gram stainVideo (Procedure presented without sound except for NPR playing in the background ☺)

Gram stainVideo (Doing a great job of showing how readily stain will splash during rinsing, though my preference is to blot rather than the suggested heat drying following staining)

Great apes, Family HominidaeRadio (Sequencing the Gorilla genome and comparing to ourselves and other great apes)

Hagfish, MyxiniVideo (Nice overview)

Hagfish, MyxiniVideo (Their slime)

Hagfish, MyxiniVideo, Story (Predation by fish)

Hagfish, MyxiniVideo, Story (Predation by a mammal)

HagfishVideo ( – "Curse of the Hex")

Haemophilus, Haemophilus influenzae, Hib vaccine — Video (Very "pleasant" introduction to Hib featuring Israel Kamakawiwo'ole; otherwise in Spanish, though)

Hardy-Weinberg equilibriumVideo (Absolutely hilarious take, sort of, on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; terribly silly)

Hemostasis — Video (Hemostasis as presented in some detail)

HeritabilityVideo (Discussion of the concept of heritability in terms particularly of twin studies)

HeritabilityVideo (Discussion of the concept of heritability)

Homo sapiensRadio (Discussion of the very beginnings of our species and what made us successful)

Homo sapiensVideo (A nice overview of the doings of modern humans)

Human evolution, Hominins, Missing link — Video (Well done overview of where we came from though without animation)

Human genetic disease, Gene therapy, Protein therapy — Video (Basic discussion of some human genetic diseases and their potential treatment)

Humans, Human evolution — Video (Nicely done as well as reasonably comprehensive overview of where we came from)

Hybrid, Humans, Human evolution — Video (stories of encounters past)

HydrophobicVideo (Hydrophobic sand, a.k.a., Magic Sand, a great way of introducing just what it means to be water hating)

Hyphae, Kingdom FungiVideo (Hyphal growth, most appreciable early on in this short video)

Hyphae, Kingdom Fungi, MoldVideo (Bread mold hyphael formation, but poor sound and video quality)

Immunity, Immune system — Video (Behold immunity in an approximation of its insane complexity)

ImprintingVideo (Overview of 's experiments with )

Insulin, HormonesVideo (Though focuses on insulin, this video is a good way to further introduce the idea of hormones)

InsulinVideo (I spend my time watching this video wanting to hate it, but ultimately have to agree that it is a good introduction to the physiological role of insulin)

InsulinVideo (The sound effects are a bit much but the visuals are pretty cool; includes a discussion to type I diabetes)

InsulinVideo (Poor resolution and the sound is not well synced with the video, but nonetheless a well done and informative introduction to both insulin and type I diabetes)

Interspecific interactionsVideo (Wanders a bit and is truncated, but provides an introduction to the very basics of interspecific interactions)

Jaw, MammalsVideo (Evolution of the mammalian and also )

Jellyfish, Polyps (cnidarians), Phylum CnidariaVideo (wonderful introduction to cnidarians and their reproduction)

Keystone species, Indicator species — Video (Nice introduction to the concepts)

Kingdom AnimaliaVideo (Described in part as an introduction to , but really is an introduction to animals)

Knee-jerk reflex — Video (As seen in a dog!)

Knee-jerk reflex — Video (Nice response which is followed by answer the question of why bother doing this)

Krebs cycle, Pyruvate oxidation — Video (Short lecture on the post-glycolysis, pre-electron transport chain steps of cellular respiration)

Lancelets, Subphylum CephalochordataVideo (A walk especially through the of lancelets though with some discussion of tunicates as well)

LegionellaVideo (A bit of asynchrony between the story and visual but otherwise a nice summary with nice graphics)

LegionellaVideo (Medically oriented summary – not really animated graphics but gets the job done)

Light reaction (of photosynthesis)Video (How plants, algae, and cyanobacteria capture the energy from photons, to be later stored as organic molecules)

Linkage, Mendelian geneticsVideo (Consideration of the various situations associated with Mendelian genetics as a applied to circumstances in which more than one locus is followed)

MacConkey agar, Selective media, Differential mediaVideo (A little amateurish but nonetheless does a good job of introducing MacConkey medium)

MacroevolutionVideo (Animated series of fossil reconstructions illustrating the progression of whale evolution)

MacromoleculeVideo (In this one, as they note, most every time you hear "cell wall", think "cell membrane")

Macrophage, PhagocytosisVideo (Macrophage phagocytosis… Is this really how it works?)

Male, Development — Video (A very human perspective of what it means to be a male, during development)

Mammals, Class MammaliaVideo (Reasonably sophisticated introduction to the defining characteristics of mammals)

Mannitol salt agar, Selective media, Differential mediaVideo (Slow start but good introduction to the use of MSA plates, a type of both differential and selective media)

Marine microbiology — Radio (Electricity-generating bacteria and other great stuff)

MeiosisVideo (Nice overview of what meiosis is all about)

MeiosisVideo (Cartoon animation of the process of genetic recombination and reduction division in eukaryotes)

Membrane transport, Cell membraneVideo (Broad overview of the importance of movement of stuff across lipid bilayers)

Mendelian geneticsVideo (Nice introduction to the subject!)

Menstrual cycle — Video (Crude but makes its points well in terms of what's going on, including what happens if pregnancy should occur, too)

Methane, Methanogen, Climate change — Video (Methane, a crucial greenhouse gas, bubbling up from newly formed ponds in Alaska's melting permafrost)

MicrobiologyVideo (A bit corny, superficial, and in some cases visually misleading overview of microbiology, but nevertheless not completely without merit)

Microbiome, Normal flora, Normal microbiotaRadio (The bacteria found in the human colon, all 5000-plus species)

MicroclimateVideo (Miroclimates and , and does a nice job of showing both what microclimates can consist of and their importance)

Microcolony, Colony, Bacterial growthVideo (Video of bacteria repeatedly dividing and thereby forming into a microcolony)

Microscope, how to use — Query ("How to use a microscope" YouTube query)

Migration (genetic)Video (basic discussion of the movement of alleles between populations)

MitochondriaVideo (Awesome dance of molecules)

MitosisVideo (video considers a bit more than "just" mitosis, and also does not include prometaphase, which is the that long jostling period there described as metaphase)

MitosisVideo (Cartoon animation of normal, every day cell division by eukaryotes)

Molecular geneticsVideo (Basic overview of molecular genetics within the context of the human genome)

Moro reflex — Video (Reflexive response to falling – grab on for your life!)

Moro reflex — Video (Moro as demonstrated by a physician)

MRSA, Staphylococcus aureusVideo (Discussion of MRSA, its prevalence, pathology, transmission, and treatment)

Muscle contration — Video (Nice summary of excitation and contraction)

Muscles — Video (All about how muscles work)

Natural selection, Selection — Video (Good working discussion of what natural selection and its history are all about)

Natural selectionVideo (A brief overview of the story of the )

Neanderthals, Homo neanderthalensis, Human evolution — Video (brief view of a reconstruction)

Negative stain, Indirect stain — Video (Overview of a common means of negative staining, here using nigrosin as the acidic dye)

Nervous systemVideo (Quick, well done, animated introduction)

Nervous system, Nervous tissueVideo (Funny, and !)

Nervous tissueVideo (This video is pretty heavy duty)

NeutrophilVideo (Neutrophil formation within the bone marrow)

Neutrophil, Chemotaxis, PhagocytosisVideo (Neutrophil functioning including terms of phagocytosis)

Neutrophil, Chemotaxis, PhagocytosisVideo (Pretty spectacular light microscopy movie of a neutrophil chasing and then engulfing bacteria)

Nitrogen cycle, Phosphorus cycleVideo (Does a great job of highlighting many of the key points)

Non-Mendelian genetics, Genetic linkage — Video (Nice overview of many genetic complications; note though that I've only watched this through the first five minutes so need to get back to this video!)

Nosocomial infectionVideo (A little long, a little boring, but makes "all" the right points)

Nosocomial infectionRadio (An hour long but nice program ☺)

Octopusses, CephalopodsVideo (This video is about octopusses but mostly it is humorous.)

Ovulation — Video (Nice graphics!)

Osmosis, Semipermeable membrane — Video (Short visualization though doesn't stress the importance of how collision with the membrane is limiting to movement across it)

Osmosis, Hypotonic solution, Hypertonic solution, Isotonic solutionVideo (nice experiments using dialysis tubing indicating the impact of osmosis on cell volume)

Osmosis, Hypotonic solution, Hypertonic solution, Isotonic solutionVideo (really nicely done, save for some math issues, using chicken eggs with dissolved shell as shrinking and expanding cell)

Osmosis, Hypertonic solution, Plasmolysis, Crentation — Video (nicely shown contraction of cytoplasm of onion cells while in hypertonic solution)

Oxidase test — Video (Shows a demonstration of this simple test, though note that there is no sound)

Parturition — Video (Nicely narrated if not the greatest of visuals)

Parturition — Video (Nicely shows all of the twists and turns of a normal birth)

Passive transport, Passive diffusion, Simple diffusion, Facilitated diffusionVideo (Nice though longish overview of movement across lipid bilayers except as via active transport)

Passive transportVideo (movement across lipid bilayers that doesn't involve an output of energy, a brief animation of the process)

Pedigree analysisVideo (a little slow, but walks through the basics of pedigree analysis, though without sound)

Pedigree analysisVideo (does a nice job of walking through a single pedigree, considering autosomal dominant versus autosomal recessive and sex-linked traits such as sex-linked recessive)

Pedigree analysisVideo (also does a nice job of walking through a single pedigree, considering autosomal dominant versus autosomal recessive and sex-linked traits such as sex-linked recessive, but with an important twist)

Peforin, Granzyme, ApoptosisVideo (Cute rendering of apoptosis, complete with a sampling from the finale of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" [listen])

Peristalsis — Video (From the inside; definitely an "Oh wow!" kind of video)

Peristalsis — Video (From the inside/outside)

Peristalsis — Video (From the outside)

Petri dish — Radio (The lowly Petri dish and its history)

Phage therapy, Biocontrol — Radio (Fairly novel approach to treating bacterial infections using bacterial viruses)

Phage-mediated biocontrol (of bacteria), Phage therapyVideo (Bacteriophage-mediated removal of pathogenic bacteria from foods)

Phage therapyVideo (Nice if choppily spliced introduction from the )

Phage therapyVideo (Nice if choppily spliced introduction from the )

Phage therapyVideo (This video is a bit short on the science and long on the drama, though there is a bit of gore to keep things interesting…)

Phage therapyVideo (This video shows phage therapy from more of the potential commercial side of things)

Phase contrast microscopy — Video (Brief but very pretty view of living protists, close up)

Phenol, Carbolic acid, Antiseptic surgery — Video (Fairly brief, wonderfully presented story of Ignz Semmelweis, Joseph Lister, and the origins of antiseptic surgery)

PhospholipidVideo (Also briefly discusses cholesterol and lipid bilayers)

Photon — Video (Absorption of photon by electron)

PhotosynthesisVideo (Presents the process in much of its quite overwhelming complexity)

PhotosynthesisVideo (The medium picture)

Phylogenetic relics — Radio (With consideration of tuataras, fairy shrimp, blattodeans, and generalist versus specialist life history strategies)

Physician — Radio (Origin of the word "Physician" and some history)

PhysiologyRadio (The physiology of climbing Mount Everest, and other great stuff)

Pituitary gland — Video (A catchy but way too rapid overview of the pituitary gland)

Pituitary gland — Video (Pituitary-thyroid gland interaction providing illustration of long-loop feedback involving thyroxine)

Placental mammalsVideo (Listing with photos of the various orders of placental mammals; relatively bland but does make the point that there is quite a bit of )

Plant, Moss, Kingdom Plantae, Non-seed-bearing plant, Alternation of generationsVideo (Life cycle of a moss; this is a professionally produced video)

Plant, Moss, Kingdom Plantae, Non-seed-bearing plant, Alternation of generationsVideo (Life cycle of a moss)

Plant, Kingdom Plantae, Non-seed-bearing plant, Flowering plant, Alternation of generationsVideo (Fern and flowering plant life cycle)

Plant, Kingdom Plantae, Flowering plant, Alternation of generationsVideo (Life cycle of a flowering plant; nicely done video)

PlantVideo (Reasonably informative general overview of what plants are all about)

PlasmidVideo (This video is very basic but does provide a good, if basic, overview of what plasmids are all about; at about the 3:00 min point, it then veers off towards discussing alternative means of cloning)

Point mutationVideo (Covers the subject with an appropriate level of detail)

Population ecologyVideo (nice, straightforward as well as entertaining introduction to the subject)

Population geneticsVideo (Love the ☺, and it's fun to watch as well)

Predator, Predation, Müllerian mimicry, Batesian mimicry — Video (not quite so much about the predators as escaping the predators, but that's OK)

Primates, order PrimatesVideo (nice though not very deep overview though with the that class Mamalia [sic] is not spelled correctly…)

Probability theory, Mendelian GeneticsVideo (This video considers both the multiplication rule and addition rule from probability theory, and then applies both to simple Mendelian Genetics problems)

Probability theory addition rule — Video (Calculating the likelihood of both mutually exclusive and non-mutually exclusive events occurring)

Probability theory multiplication rule — Video (Nice summary of how to calculate the probabilities of both two dependent and two independent events occurring)

ProteinVideo (Nice introduction to different types and representations of protein structure, shown both in static and dynamic forms)

Protein folding — Video (Calculated simulation of protein folding—just insane!)

Protein secretion, Exocytosis — Video (Short cartoon overview of protein trafficking out of eukaryotic cells)

Protein trafficking, Endomembrane system — Video (Video with nicely done graphics.)

Punnett square, Mendelian geneticsVideo (Nice, basic discussion of Mendelian genetics featuring using Punnett squares)

Reciprocal altruism, Kin selectionVideo ( with a typically explanation for complex concepts)

Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system — Video (Nice introduction to both)

Skeletal system, Skeleton, Bones — Video (Pretty overwhelming, but pretty awesome as well)

Stomach — Video (Crude but short and informative clip)

Streak plate method, Quadrant streak — Video (A variation on streaking for isolation into pure culture of bacterial colonies but also a good lesson on basic aseptic technique)

Reflex arc — Video (Well illustrated and to the point)

Reversible reaction, Dynamic equilibirumVideo (Calcium carbonate decomposition and reformation, including showing what happens when you perturb away from equilibrium)

Reversible reactionVideo (Reversible color reaction involving shaking a liquid and then letting it be for a bit)

Salmonella, Salmonella (etiology), Tissue invasion without toxin productionVideo (Walks through especially uptake into and subsequent )

ScienceVideo (Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Earth is round!)

Science, BiologyVideo (Various discussions of what is science/biology)

ScienceRadio (The bright and not so bright state of science education in the U.S., circa March, 2012)

Scientific notation — Video (Pretty darn well done overview of how to use and what's the big deal about scientific notation)

ScientistRadio (Origin of the word "Scientist" as well as discussion of words and scientific words more generally; hint, the word "Scientist" comes from "artist")

Scale of things — Video (Scale of things, big things, way beyond biology!)

Scale of things — Web Link (Interactive journey from the very smallest to as large as we can fathom)

Scale of things — Web Link (Variance and increasing sizes of planets and stars)

Sea, EnvironmentRadio (The sea and what we are doing to our oceans)

Segmented animals — Video (Very fast overview of a lot of material; just don't leave thinking that is necessarily always )

Skeletal muscle, Muscle tissueVideo (Provides the very, very basics)

Skeletal muscle, Muscle tissueVideo (Here is essentially the same thing as immediately above but in slightly more detail)

SkinVideo (An advertisement towards the end but a nice, short overview of what skin is all about nonetheless)

SpeciationVideo (Covers the subjection in some detail but is confusing in spots, though note that this is a very complex subject; lots of nice examples)

SpeciationVideo (Covers the subject reasonably well, particularly sympatric speciation)

Spore, MossVideo (High-speed camera catching what essentially is a spore smoke ring)

Seed-bearing plants — Video (Male and female pine cones; quite entertaining time spent in a Western landscape)

Serial dilution, Aseptic technique, Spread-plate method — Video (Longish video with period sound-loss issues, but does a good job of walking through the various steps involved in diluting down a culture)

Serovar, Serotype — Video (Serotyping, shows procedures and reasons; you will need to scroll down a bit to find the video)

Sex, Reproductive system, Sexual reproduction — Video (Sex, with very much a though not only a human perspective)

Shigella, Infectious does — Video (Short and very well done introduction to Shigella)

ShigellaVideo (Very funny, and instructional!, song about Shigella)

SNP, Single-nucleotide polymorphism, PolymorphismVideo (Brief and to the point!)

Sodium-potassium pump — Video (Short overview of the means by which animals generate electrical potentials across their plasma membranes)

Speciation, Subspecies, Ring species — Video (Salamanders in California that are well on their way to speciation)

Sponges, Phylum PoriferaVideo (Movement of water into and through a complex sponge)

Sponges, Phylum PoriferaVideo (Plunge into the abyss through the sponge belt!)

Spore, Kingdom FungiVideo (Spores squeezed from a small puffball)

StochasticVideo (Ha ha, kind of blows your mind!)

Syphilis — Radio (The disease and its history)

Tapeworm, Cestode, Class Cestoda, CestodaVideo (Moderately well done animated tapeworm life cycle; no narration)

Taxonomy, Classification — Video (I don't agree here with quite everything that says, but he recovers well by bringing in a )

Teat, Udder — Video (Partial dissection of a )

Terrestrial biomesVideo (What can I say, I am such a sucker for ☺)

Tetanus, Tetanus toxin, Clostridium tetaniVideo (Mouse whose rear leg has been injected with tetanospasmin, i.e., the tetanus toxin)

Theropods, Dinosaurs — Video (Very, very early on the bird lineage)

Theropods, Dinosaurs — Video (a bit rough at times but really exciting)

Thermal equilibrium, Dynamic equilibriumVideo (Illustration of equilibrium and its establishment)

Toll-like receptors, Pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs)Video (LPS recognition by dendritic cells)

Tool use, Intelligence — Video (New Caledonian crows uses sticks to hunt beetle larvae)

TranscriptionVideo (Walks you step-by-step through the transcription process including initiation, elongation, and termination)

Transcription, TranslationVideo (Nice computer animation of part of the central dogma of molecular genetics)

Transient microbiota, Microbiome, Normal flora, Normal microbiotaVideo (Microorganisms living on our skin)

TranslationVideo (A "flaw" in this video is that it doesn't explicitly show amino acid transfer from the tRNA to the growing polypeptide chain, nor does it show the E site, but still it is a nice addition to the animations depicting translation)

Transpiration, Vascular tissueVideo (nice, professionally done overview of transpiration and role in vascular tissue functioning)

TreeVideo (Asks the question, "Why Trees?", and provides visually impressive answers)

TreeVideo (Why Trees, in )

Tree, Forest — Video (Brief, visually stunning, and poetic exploration of trees and forests)

TreeVideo (Leaf identification, as seen in the but as applicable to a large extent to the as well)

TreeVideo (Tree identification, "How to identify trees, What to look for")

TreeVideo (Tree identification, "How to identify trees", various examples)

TreeVideo (Tree identification, Tree ID Project")

TreeVideo (Tree identification, differentiating among trees using )

TreeVideo (Tree identification, keying out a tree)

TreeVideo (Tree identification, using a tree identification field guide)

TreeVideo (Tree identification, choosing a tree identification book)

Tree, Forest — Video ("", exploration of )

Tree, Jungle, Forest — Video ("", exploration of )

Tuberculosis — Radio (The disease and its history)

Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis (etiology), Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Tissue invasion without toxin productionWeb Link (Detailed summary of numerous aspects of the and its cause)

Unsegmented animals, Body planVideo (This introduction to simpler animals focuses on differences in basic body plans, but note that it totally gets wrong the of members of phylum Platyhelminthes, which have single openings to their gastrovascular cavity rather than two; 5:05 through 5:10 of the video)

VaccinationVideo (Short and to the point)

VaccinationVideo (Cleverly making the case for childhood vaccination, in song)

Virus, Enveloped virusVideo (This video does fly off the "deep end" on a number of occasions, but nonetheless has pretty pictures and more or less gets things right)

WaterVideo (Ha ha, a particuarly good overview)

Wet mount — Video (Nice description of how to do the various basic wet mounts)

Withdrawal reflex — Video (Withdrawal from a tickle as demonstrated by an adult)

Withdrawal reflex, Moro reflex — Video (Infant withdrawal reflex, though apparently here not to any particular stimulation)

Yersinia, Yersinia pestis, Plague, Black death — Radio (Did Yersinia pestis cause black death? Listen to find out!)

You are what you eatVideo (A brief introduction to )