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Non-protein, non-primary substrate, organic factor required for protein functioning.

Coenzymes are components of holoenzymes and serve as the function of many . Vitamins, that is, in many cases are coenzymes that have the distinction that our bodies are unable to synthesize them so consequently must obtain them particularly from our .

Note that the term coenzyme and enzyme cofactor are used interchangeably by some authors. When differentiated, however, cofactor is often considered to be the more general term, that is, where a cofactor can be either organic or versus limited to for a coenzyme.

Coenzymes also can be distinguished from enzyme , where the latter is more strongly held by an enzyme than are coenzymes. The coenzyme NAD+, for example, moves in and out of enzymes fairly regularly, carrying electrons obtained from substrates to other molecules such as electron transport chains, and therefore can be considered to be less strongly held by their associated enzymes.