Basic unit of life for organisms whose chromosomes are surrounded by a nuclear membrane.

Eukaryotic cells are the cellular basis of animals, plants, fungi, and protists. See by contrast prokaryotic cell.

Eukaryotic cell

Adrenal gland

Thyroid gland

The following is a list of terms associated cells generally:

CellCell biologyCell culture,  • Cell division •,  Cell membrane,  • Cell-to-cell communication •,  Cell wallCellular organismChromosomeCompartmentalizationCristaeCytoplasmCytosolFluid mosaic modelGlycocalyxGranumMembrane-bound organelleOrganellePhagolysosomePlasma membrane,  • Prokaryotic cell •,  RibosomeSignal sequenceSurface-to-volume ratioThylakoidTurgidityVacuole

The following is a list of terms associated especially with eukaryotic cells:

ApoptosisCell cycleCell nucleusCell-to-cell communicationCellular differentiationCentrioleCentrosomeChloroplastChromatinCiliaCis face (of Golgi apparatus)Continuous cell lineCisternaeCytoskeletonDesmosomeDiploid cell lineEndocytosisEndomembrane systemEndoplasmic reticulumEukaryoteExocytosisExtracellular matrixEukaryotic cellFlaccidity (cell biology)Flagella (Eukaryotic)Food vacuoleG0G1G2Gap junctionGap phaseGolgi apparatusIntermediate filamentIntermembrane spaceInterphaseLysosomeMicrofilamentMicrotubuleMitochondriaNucleolusNuclear membraneNucleusNucleosomePhagosomePinocytosisPrimary cell linePseudopodiaReceptor-mediated endocytosisRough endoplasmic reticulumS phaseSmooth endoplasmic reticulumSodium-potassium pumpSpindle fibersStromaTight junctionTissue cultureTrans face (of Golgi apparatus)Transport vesicleVesicle

The following video is a bit overwhelming, though mostly accurate. Beware however inappropriate use of "cell wall" in places when "cell membrane would be more appropriate as well as the story of the origin of mitochondria, which happened well before there were any animals on !

Video (Amazing graphics of the inner workings of eukaryotic cells)

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