Inclusive Fitness

∞ generated and posted on 2016.05.21 ∞

Description of the reproductive success of alleles as found in multiple individuals rather than just a single, otherwise unaffiliated, allele-carrying individual.

Inclusive Fitness is fitness as viewed from an allele's perspective rather than that of the individual's carrying a given allele; thus, an allele in principle can be fit even if it's 'owner' is not, such as if the carrier of an allele sacrifices itself to save two individuals who carry the same allele, e.g., as can be the case, in terms of allele carriage, for close relatives.

Contrast inclusive fitness with the classical concept of Darwinian fitness which is a description solely of the reproductive success of individuals essentially as acting more or less in isolation from each other. With inclusive fitness, by contrast, the fitness of an allele can be improved by carriers helping out other carriers.

Closely associated with the concept of inclusive fitness is consideration of how altruism could evolve as well as what is known as kin selection and also Hamilton's rule.

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