Biology as Poetry: Genetics

Bacteriophage Ecology Group

P generation

Those individuals crossed to produce the progeny used for a series of subsequent crosses.

"P" here stands for parent as in parental generation. The first individuals crossed are referred to as the P generation. The results of that cross are described as the F1 generation. If the individuals found in the F1 generation are then crossed among themselves, then their progeny are referred to as the F2 generation.

In, for example, a monohydrid cross, a total of three generations are involved. The first generation is crossed between known true-breeding individuals, such as homozygous dominant × homozygous recessive, e.g., AA × aa. This is the P generation. This cross produces the monohybrid, i.e., Aa, if following the same convention used to describe the parental cross. The Aa individuals in this case are members of the F1 generation. Finally, the products of the monohybrid cross are described as the F2 generation.

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