Human Biology

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Cells are the basic, fundamental, functional units of all living things; Tissues consist of associations of cells of similar types.

This chapter provides an overview of basic biology from the perspective of human biology. This part, the root page, serves as an introduction to the chapter.

What is human biology? In answering this question we will be spending much of our time considering the scientific discipline, or disciplines, that are generally described as Anatomy and Physiology (with particular emphasis, here, on physiology). Human biology, however, is more than just that and includes as well…

Let's not also forget as well…

The above video looks at biological systems as a series of hierarchies, which is how we will be considering the human body, though with this human biology emphasis particularly on physiology, anatomy, tissues, organs, and organ systems.

If you have an interest, a number of videos covering chemistry – the basis of cells, life, physiology, homeostasis, what makes us us – can be found here.

This is a quick introduction to the concept of macromolecules.

This is a chalk talk on the subject of lipid bilayers, membranes, selective permeability, and a tiny little bit of cell biology.

This is a brief description of what eukaryotic cells are all about.

This is a chalk talk I gave to provide an introduction to the idea of tissues from the perspective of both cellular differentiation and early embryonic development.