Chemistry and Biochemistry

∞ generated and posted on 2016.01.23 ∞

Chemical principles underlie those of biochemistry which, in turn, underlies how living things function.

Chemistry is the study of how atoms interact, molecules form, and substances are degraded while Biochemistry considers how these phenomena occur within the context of organisms, both within and within the vicinity of cells and their products.

The above video provides nice visuals along with the basics of what electrons and electron orbitals are all about.

Though basically on the same subject, the above video is longer and has better graphics as well as more information than the previous video.

The above video provides insight into the functioning of proteins basically as sophisticated but nonetheless rather tiny machines.

The above video as well as the one that follows provides visualizations of the concept of reversible reactions.

The above video discusses a very chemistry-relevant technique.

The above video provides a nice visualization of the idea of hydrophobicity.

The above video is as much fun as it is educational. Yes, water sticks to itself, and to other things: Cohesion and Adhesion!

Consider the above video to be a bigger picture perspective. What does it have to do with the chemistry of microbiology? Not much as well as just about everything!

The following collection of videos presents chemistry all over again, though not quite the complete series…