Biology as Poetry: Microorganisms

Bacteriophage Ecology Group

Trichomonas vaginalis

Protozoan pathogen cause of a sexually transmitted urinary tract infections.

While Trichmonas vaginalis infections are usually asymptomatic in males, the result of infection in females is vaginitis, also known as trichomoniasis, although more serious disease as well as predisposition to superinfetion is also associated with this pathogen. In males that are not asymptomatic the symptoms are those of urethritis.

T. vaginalis has the distinction of being the most common protozoal infection within populations that otherwise have low parasite loads, with infections worldwide numbering in the hundreds of millions. The organism itself is one of a small number of human pathogens that are both eukaryotic and anaerobic, the other notable example being Giardia.

Since males often are aymptomatic, treatment of sexual partners of women who have been diagnosed with Trichomonas infections can be presumptive.

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