Sepsis Within The Body

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Infection that is not localized within the body and that is also characterized by whole-body inflammation.

Sepsis is what can happen when bacteria start growing all over the place on the inside of your body.

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Sepsis, or "" in lay terminology, is a common and serious clinical problem. While fewer than 100 cases were reported prior to 1920 , it is now the 13th leading cause of overall mortality and the number one cause of in the intensive care unit accounting for some 200,000 in the US annually. The incidence continues to rise in the US ( …) and worldwide , perhaps due to increased , , and . Mortality associated with sepsis, unfortunately, has essentially remained unchanged at about 45% , despite tremendous strides in , pointing to the absence of therapeutic strategies aimed specifically at the of sepsis. The pathophysiology of the disease is characterized by a (SIRS), culminating in its frequently fatal , (MODS). The systemic inflammatory response is a consequence of dysregulated activation of mechanisms . Counterregulatory mechanisms that are subsequently deployed to dampen the initial overexuberant systemic inflammatory responses are also thought to contribute to the pathophysiology due to late-stage immunosuppressive () phenomena, which render the host unable to eradicate the offending pathogen .