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(delta)Proteobacteria, obligate intracellular parasites of Gram-negative bacteria.

Members of bacterial genus Bdellovibrio are Gram-negative bacteria that are obligate parasites (or predators) of other Gram-negative bacteria, entering into these cells to consume them.

Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus is a notable species, which enter into the periplasm of host where it elongates and then subsequently divides (septation) into multiple, vibrio-shaped, to-be flagellated bacteria. The progeny bacteria are then released from what is known as a bdelloplast (as the converted host cell is described) and are able to swim and then locate subsequent cells to predate. The entire intracellular phase of the life cycle occurs over one or more hours.

See also the similar genus, Bacteriovorax.

The following video is a nice, short introduction to the Bdellovibrio life cycle:

The following video is of an actual Bdellovibrio infection of an Escherichia coli cell: